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Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L

China Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. certification
China Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. certification
The biggest advantage of Meper machine is very stable without any worries. Some of our machines have been in use for 10 years and are still in normal use. The meper machine is great.


I like Meper machines because of their service. They always solve problems for us in time, so I highly recommend Meper machine.


Meper machine is very good. Although our country is very hot, the machines work very steadily.


Meper machine is very good. Хорошо 


Meper ,good machine, good service.


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Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L

Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L
Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L

Large Image :  Auto Defleshing System Yes Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine Max Capacity 20L

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MEPER
Certification: CE
Model Number: MP100FD
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: export package
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 200 sets per year
Detailed Product Description
Clamping Type: F Series Toggle Type: Toggle Type With IML
Machine Typ: F Type With IML Auto Defleshing System: Yes
Max Container: 20L Suitable For: Tie Bar
Extruder Motor Power: High-Efficiency Motor Servo System: Yes

Product Description:

The plastic bottle blow molding machine is a state-of-the-art piece of bottle blowing machinery designed to meet the needs of modern production lines. This machine is precision-engineered to handle a variety of plastic materials such as ,PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene), and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), making it a versatile solution for a wide array of applications. Whether you're manufacturing water bottles, beverage containers, or any other type of plastic bottle, this machine is equipped to deliver high-quality results.

One of the standout features of this plastic bottle molding equipment is its powerful electric motor. With a substantial power, the motor ensures consistent performance and the ability to handle high production demands with ease. This level of power is more than adequate to ensure that the machine operates at peak efficiency, producing bottles with precision and minimal energy consumption.

When it comes to capacity, the plastic container blowing machine boasts a maximum volume capacity of 20 liters, providing the flexibility to produce a wide range of bottle sizes. This makes it suitable for a variety of industries, from beverages and household chemicals to personal care and pharmaceuticals. The ability to produce large containers up to 20L caters to the growing market for bulk packaging and larger volume products.

The machine features a three-head configuration, which allows for increased production rates. Each head can be used to mold bottles simultaneously, effectively tripling the output compared to a single-head machine. This multi-head design is a key factor in boosting productivity and meeting the high-volume demands of modern production environments. Additionally, with multiple heads, the machine ensures uniformity and consistency across all bottles produced, maintaining high-quality standards.

An innovative aspect of this plastic bottle blow molding machine is its auto defleshing system. This automated feature streamlines the production process by removing excess plastic from the molded bottles. Auto defleshing not only improves the aesthetics and quality of the final product but also reduces the need for manual trimming, which can be labor-intensive and inconsistent. As a result, this system contributes to a more efficient production line with lower labor costs and less waste.

The combination of versatility in handling different materials, a powerful electric motor, substantial capacity, a multi-head design, and an automatic defleshing system makes this plastic bottle blow molding machine an essential piece of equipment for any business looking to scale up their production of plastic bottles. With its advanced features and robust construction, this machine is poised to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, making it a valuable investment for companies aiming to lead in the competitive market of plastic container manufacturing.

In conclusion, our plastic bottle blow molding machine is not just a piece of equipment; it's a comprehensive solution designed to optimize your production line for plastic bottles and containers. It embodies the perfect synergy of technology and functionality, ensuring that your manufacturing process is efficient, cost-effective, and capable of producing high-quality plastic products. Invest in this bottle blowing machinery today and take a giant leap towards achieving your production goals with confidence.



  • Product Name: Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine
  • Machine Type: F Type With IML (In-Mold Labeling)
  • Head: Triple Head Configuration
  • Extruder Motor Power:  High-Efficiency Motor
  • Color: Capable of Triple-color Molding
  • Clamping Type: K Series Tie Bar Clamping System
  • Key Feature: Automatic Bottle Blowing Machine Operation
  • Application: Ideal Plastic Bottle Molding Equipment for a Variety of Bottles
  • Compatibility: Versatile Blow Molding Machine for Plastic Containers

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Electric Motor Power High-Efficiency Motor
Automatic Grade Automatic
Clamping Type F Series TOGGLE
Suitable For PET, PP, PE, PVC
Mold Cavity Single/Double
System Parison Control System MOOG
Extruder Motor Power High-Efficiency Motor
Max Capacity 20L
Head 1-8 heads
In Mould Labeling Yes


The MEPER brand, hailing from CHINA, offers the MP100FD model of the plastic bottle blow moulding machine, a state-of-the-art automatic bottle blowing machine designed for versatility and efficiency in various production environments. This machine stands out with its robust  electric motor power and its capability to produce high-quality plastic bottles with a container capacity of up to 20L. The MP100FD model is not only capable of handling materials such as PP, PE, and PVC but also comes equipped with advanced features like In Mould Labeling, adding significant value to the packaging process.

One of the key application occasions for the MEPER MP100FD automatic bottle blowing machine is in the beverage industry. This industry demands high-speed production of plastic bottles for water, soft drinks, juices, and other liquid refreshments. The triple color option of the machine allows for the manufacturing of attractive and eye-catching bottles that stand out on the retail shelves, while the In Mould Labeling feature ensures that the labels are durable and seamlessly integrated with the bottle design.

Moreover, the plastic bottle molding equipment is also suitable for the pharmaceutical sector where precision and hygiene are paramount. The MP100FD can produce bottles that are used for cough syrups, vitamins, and other medicinal liquids. The robust construction of the machine ensures that the bottles are molded to the exact specifications required for the safe storage of pharmaceutical products.

The personal care and cosmetics industry is another scenario where the MEPER MP100FD finds its application. Shampoo, conditioners, lotions, and creams are just some of the personal care items that require reliable and durable plastic packaging. The versatility of this machine to work with different plastics allows manufacturers to choose the appropriate material for their product needs, whether it be for squeezability, clarity, or barrier properties.

Lastly, the plastic bottle blow moulding machine serves the chemical industry by providing containers for household cleaners, detergents, and automotive fluids. The chemical resistance of the bottles produced by the MP100FD is crucial for safely containing and dispensing such substances. The ability to produce high-strength and durable bottles ensures that the containers can withstand the rigors of transportation and storage without compromising product integrity.

In conclusion, the MEPER MP100FD model is an exemplary piece of plastic bottle molding equipment that can be applied across various industries where the demand for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing plastic bottles is high. Its automatic operation, combined with advanced features like In Mould Labeling, makes it a valuable asset for any business looking to enhance their production capabilities and product presentation.



Discover the versatility and precision of the MEPER brand, specifically with our MP100FD model plastic bottle blow moulding machine. Engineered with exacting standards in CHINA, this machine is designed to cater to your diverse production needs.

The MP100FD model features a robust Three head system, allowing for efficient and consistent bottle production. Coupled with a powerful  extruder motor power, it ensures high-quality blow molding for plastic containers.

Our machine offers the flexibility of color customization with a Triple color option, enabling you to match your product design requirements seamlessly. The integration of a state-of-the-art Servo System in our blow molding machine for plastic containers guarantees precision and energy efficiency.

Optimize your production with the choice of a Single or Double mold cavity. Whether you are producing in large quantities or focusing on specialized items, the MEPER MP100FD plastic bottle blow moulding machine is your solution for high-performance and customization.


Support and Services:

Our Product Technical Support and Services for the Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine are dedicated to ensuring that our customers can fully leverage the capabilities and performance of their equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of services that are designed to keep your machine operating at peak efficiency, minimize downtime, and extend the life of your investment.

Technical Support: Our team of skilled technicians is available to provide you with expert assistance and guidance on any issues you may encounter with your Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine. From troubleshooting errors to optimizing settings, we are here to help you overcome challenges swiftly and effectively.

Preventative Maintenance: Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and reliability of your blow molding machine. Our preventative maintenance services are structured to prevent potential issues before they arise, ensuring that your machine continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Training Services: We believe that knowledgeable operators are essential to maximizing the performance of your Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine. We offer specialized training services to educate your staff on the proper operation, maintenance, and safety procedures relevant to your specific equipment.

Spare Parts Supply: To minimize downtime, we maintain an extensive inventory of genuine spare parts that are designed to meet the exact specifications of your machine. Our parts are readily available and can be quickly shipped to your location to facilitate prompt repairs and replacements.

Software Updates: Keeping your machine's software up-to-date is vital for optimal performance. We provide regular software updates that include new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine.

Customization Services: If you have specific needs or unique challenges, our customization services can help tailor your Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine to better fit your production requirements. We can assist with custom molds, machine modifications, and more to ensure your equipment is perfectly aligned with your business goals.

On-Site Support: In situations where remote assistance is not sufficient, we can arrange for on-site support. Our technicians are prepared to travel to your facility to provide hands-on service and ensure any issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

Performance Analysis: We can conduct thorough performance analysis to ensure your machine is functioning at its best. This service includes an evaluation of the machine's output, quality of finished products, and overall efficiency to identify areas for improvement.

Our commitment to excellence in technical support and services is unwavering. We strive to provide our customers with the resources and support they need to achieve optimal performance from their Plastic Bottle Blow Molding Machine.

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