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Importance of Blow Molding Machines’ Safety Problem

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China Ningbo Qiming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Importance of Blow Molding Machines’ Safety Problem
Latest company news about Importance of Blow Molding Machines’ Safety Problem
Importance of Blow Molding Machines’ Safety Problem

Strengthen the management of production and equipment, improve the operation level of operators, ensure the safety of production equipment, improve labor productivity, make production continuous and stable, ensure product quality, reduce production costs.
The essential knowledge of safe operation of blow molding machine includes the following points:

1. Every class must be lubricated once the unit is turned on. (manipulator, manipulator guide, opening and closing guide rail)

2. Swing arm can be (3 to 4) days plus one time. The large chain and chain bar of the heating machine can be made once a month. Check whether the reducer of the main engine or the heater is short of oil. The main bearing can be added (2 – 3) once a month.

3. Before production, check whether the moving parts are firm, whether the screws are loose and fall off, especially where the impact is strong, and whether the belt transmission part is abnormal.

4. Check the high pressure gas source, the low pressure gas source, the power supply, and whether the water supply is normal.

5. Check the emergency stop switch, the safety door switch, and the protection device check whether the switch is normal.

6. Check the warm head into the embryo, part of the embryo work is normal. If the inserted embryo is not in place, the nut of the pressing device can be adjusted.

7. Check whether the lamp is damaged or broken. We need to change it in time.

8. Check whether the pneumatic components are leaking gas and whether the action is sensitive.


9. Check whether the three joint is abnormal air leakage, whether it is blocked, and whether the water storage capacity of the water cup is too full.

10. When the electromagnetic valve of the blow molding machine is abnormal, it should be cleaned in time (3 million 500 thousand cleaning for each blow bottle).

11. Blow moulds must be cleaned regularly and polished.

12. Open the high and low pressure air source switch must be slow action, in order to prevent the source of gas flow too fast dirt into the solenoid valve, while opening the exhaust valve for 30 seconds, to ensure that the air is clean.

13. When starting the blow moulding machine, it must be sure that the mechanical part is good, the machine is unmanned, and there is no foreign matter. Especially the crank position to avoid hurting people. At the same time, close the safety door.

14. When starting the machine, the motor must be started first, and the heater is delayed for 30 seconds to prevent voltage fluctuation. Before starting the heating, make sure whether the cooling water has been opened.

15. After heating for 2-3 minutes, the temperature of the oven will rise evenly, and press the embryo button. At the same time, the bottle should be switched on, otherwise it will not blow the bottle.

16. When the machine is running, we must pay close attention to whether there is abnormal noise in the machine. If we want to find it early, stop the machine in time and solve it early.

17. In case of emergency, emergency brake can be pressed according to the emergency stop button. Then, the causes are analyzed according to the situation, and the problem is solved quickly.

18. After the machine is running normally, do not extend any part of the body into the machine so that the manipulator will hurt people. If the machine has abnormal sound, it can be observed after slowing down.

19. After the normal production of the machine, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle, so as to avoid voltage fluctuations or other reasons affecting the quality of the bottle blowing.

20. Machine maintenance, press the touch screen failure repair button to ensure safety maintenance.

21. After each repair, the machine must be cleaned tools and screws and other things, so as not to be left in the machine, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

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